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Touted by many for his early work in projects such as 300 and Watchmen, director Zack Snyder seemed like he could do no wrong. Unfortunately, his last film, Sucker Punch, was viewed as both a critical and financial disaster, especially with regard to the uneven storytelling. You would think a leather-clad Vanessa Hudgens could've drawn in a few more people, but the High School Musical fans weren't the ideal demographic for a CGI, Sci-fi, shoot'em-up action flick. Who knows, maybe Sucker Punch will be embraced by the cult community in the years to come, but, at the end of the day, Snyder had to bounce back in a big way for his next blockbuster. And with most superhero films collecting its fair share of ticket stubs in recent years, Man of Steel should likely continue the trend of highly successful ones.

Clark Kent's story has been brought to light in many film and TV adaptations, so the writing courtesy of David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan, yes, that Christopher Nolan, doesn't really stand out in terms of sheer innovation; however, they get their collective point across just fine. Back-and-forth storylines are flown throughout the film, including infant Kal-El's progression from point A to point B, Earth-bound alien life form becomes All-American farmboy Clark Kent (Henry Cavill).

In addition to getting to know Clark's adoptive parents, the Kents (Kevin Costner and Diane Lane), the audience, not surprisingly, gets acquainted with Clark's crush, Lois Lane, who's played by the pretty and talented Amy Adams.

Russell Crowe is another in a long line of star power in the film, as he portrays Kal-El's protective, biological father, Jor-El, who was played by legendary actor Marlon Brando in 1978's Superman. Crowe is always a welcome addition to any film and doesn't disappoint this time around either.

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In the grand tradition of comic book movies, you have to have an antagonist who can glady match wits with the hero of the film. In this case it's Boardwalk Empire's Michael Shannon, who takes on the villainous role of Zod in diabolical fashion.

Man of Steel may not be on the level of The Dark Knight or Iron Man, but not many action films are. It's still a well-crafted movie in terms of the genre and includes a number of standout posters in the process. The vast selection of Man of Steel movie posters are among the most impressive to be released so far in 2013.

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